Enviabl super speeds

Timbl offers the best broadband speeds, starting with 10 Mbps. The high speed gives you to get consistent enjoyabl experience across the multiple devices – PC/laptops, tablets, smartphones, and Smart TVs – in the home. Streaming HD videos or downloading content is fast and enjoyabl with Timbl.

symmetrical speeds

Timbl offers symmetric speed – the download and upload speed is same – a rare feature that only few can offer. Sending large emails, uploading videos, synchronizing your images/ data with cloud storage or remote surveillance is smooth delightful experience with Timbl.

flexibl do it yourself (D-I-Y) price plans

Timbl enables you to the create your Price Plan. Pick the speed you prefer, and the Data Limit that suits your usage through a convenient D-I-Y tool.

hassl free flat fee plans

All plans are flat fee plans with no over-usage charges. This frees you up from worrying about limits, and gives you the freedom to enjoy the internet without holding back.

auto-optimal data limits

Selecting the optimum usage plan can be tricky - you don’t want reduced speeds when data limit gets exhausted – neither do you want to pay for unused limits. The fact that you can’t predict your actual usage level, makes things worse. Timbl's unique automatic optimal plan feature takes care of it all by letting you pay for the Data Limit closest to actual usage. For example, if you are subscribed to the 10 Mbps/ 120 GB usage plan, but the actual usage is 52 GB, then you shall be charged as per the 70 GB plan, and the differential of Rs 400+Tax would be credited to your account.

Irresistibl free router

For most areas, free router is provided with the service (a fully refundable security deposit is collected)